Friday, June 4, 2010


මේ කවිය රෝමය ගිනි ගනිද්දී වීණා වාදනය කල නීරෝ ගැන නොවේ. තමාගේ ලෝකය ගිනි ගනිද්දී ඒ ගින්දර ඉදිරියේ දනින් නොවැටුනු නීරෝ කෙනෙක් ගැනයි. ඒ නීරෝලා හැමෝම ගැනයි.

This poem (sinhala) is not about the Nero who played fiddle while the Rome burned. It's about a Nero who didn't give away to the burning fires and stood against all odds. It's about all those Neros.

Play some rock music and march on. :P


Thilanka Niroshana said...

Nice poem. This reminds me of a person whom I know of. You know who it is.

Gaveen said...

I'm not sure who you mean, but I'm sure I know many who can qualify. :) Thanks for the comment man.